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Landlord Requirements

Landlord Requirements

The PHA DOES NOT refer participants to certain owners or properties. All voucher holders have been screened for drug and violent criminal activity as well as income eligibility. Owners are strongly encouraged to screen participants as they would any other prospective tenants. You may call the PHA (401-709-1600) for the participant’s current and former owner’s addresses for referrals.

In accordance with RI State Law, owners must present a valid Lead Conformance Certificate for any property built prior to 1978. Verification of owner-occupied status is required to waive this provision. Only after receipt of these documents will the Representative schedule an inspection.

Out of State Landlord Requirements

The unit should be ready to move in when the inspector arrives. He/she will cite any repairs needed in accordance with federal regulations. Once the repairs have been made, contact the inspector for a re-inspection. The unit must pass inspection prior to the lease date.

Once the unit passes inspection, the Representative will contact you and the prospective tenant to come to the office together to sign the lease and the contract. No payments will be made until all documents have been received.

To learn more about the application process and eligibility requirements for tenants and landlords, click here.

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