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Moving Within Providence?

Participants in the Housing Choice Voucher Program currently residing in Providence must remain in their unit for at least one year. Participants must come into the office with sufficient time so that tenant and owner may sign and return a 30 day Notice. The Program Representative will issue this form on Move Days (see below). No one may move owing money to the owner or to the PHA. Upon receipt of the notice signed by the owner and tenant, the Program Representative will issue a Request for Tenancy Approval to be filled out by the prospective owner and advise you on the remaining procedures.

Move Days:
Tuesdays 9:00am–3:30 pm
Thursdays 1:30–3:30

Moving Out of Providence?

Participants with a Housing Choice Voucher may port out (transfer) to any housing authority that administers the program throughout the United States or its territories; Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands. As stated above, a 30 day Notice must be signed by your current landlord and returned to the office. No one may move owing money to the owner or to the PHA.

Once the Thirty Day Notice has been signed, you must submit the name, address and contact person’s name at the new housing authority so that your packet can be faxed or mailed. Until you move, you must continue to pay rent to the owner. Security deposits are not to be used as the last month’s rent and can cause a delay in your transfer.

Also, please note that other housing authorities may give you a voucher with fewer bedrooms according to their occupancy standards. This, along with the rent limits for your vouchers are important questions to ask the other housing authority.

Moving To Providence from another Housing Authority?

To begin the process, contact your current Housing Authority Representative to notify them that you would like to transfer to Providence, RI.  He/she will inform you of the procedures you must complete there first.  Then, their office will send your Port Packet  to Providence* :

via fax: (401-351-1191)

or via mail: Providence Housing Authority
Leased Housing Department
100 Broad Street
 Providence, RI -02903 (link to map)

*Please note that the PHA does not accept packets hand-delivered by the participant.

Contact our PHA Representative 3-4 days later at 401-709-1600 to make an appointment for further screening.

Please be aware that the PHA conducts a national criminal screening search for each person 18 years of age or older.  Participants with drug or violent criminal activity within the past 5 years may be ineligible; however, there will be an opportunity for an informal hearing to present any additional information to be taken into consideration.  Participants owing money to any housing authority in the country will not be leased unless you pay in full according to federal regulations.

The PHA Representative will explain the inspection and leasing procedures as well as deadlines for submitting a Request for Lease Approval to ensure that your move goes smoothly. You will also be briefed and receive a Participant Handbook  to educate you about Providence’s policies and procedures which may differ from where you are currently being assisted.

Participants may look for a unit in a multi-family house, duplex, apartment complex or a single family home within the reasonable rent limits.  The PHA strongly encourages participants to look for a unit in areas of a low concentration of poverty (Use the Finding an Apartment Tab) and offers a higher Payment Standard for housing in the East Side; i.e., the neighborhoods of Mt. Hope, Fox Point, Hope, Wayland, Blackstone, and College Hill.

Whether your voucher will be absorbed or administered by the PHA is an internal decision based on funding levels at the time and often varies.

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